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Vulpex Liquid Soap (1 pint)


Product Description

Vulpex liquid soap is Potassium Methyl Cyclohexyl Oleate. It has a pH of 10.5 to 11.5 and a Flash Point of 123°F. It is unique in that it will dissolve in both water and organic solvents, such as Stoddard Solvent or Trichloroethane. Its solutions show extremely high performance in cleaning a wide range of surfaces including both textiles and carpeting. The cleaning action continues while the soap is on the surface. The use of scrub brushes with medium soft bristles assists cleaning where greasy dirt is thickly accumulated or age hardened. Vulpex is non-foaming and can easily be rinsed away with water or solvent as appropriate. Where surfaces are porous or covered with fine cracks, Vulpex solutions will clean deeply and thoroughly. Vulpex in water works best in very warm water, but it remains effective even in cold water. Solutions in cold water will gel if sufficiently concentrated. If the water is really cold, Vulpex forms a gel sufficiently strong to be worked into vertical surfaces with a brush where it will stand and not run off. Heavily soiled Vulpex solutions remain quite active and should not be discarded simply because of their soiled or dirty appearance. In water, solutions containing 10 to 25% of Vulpex liquid soap are most commonly used. On most surfaces, 5 minutes is ample time for the soap to act. Hard, smooth or shiny surfaces need to be wiped with a terry towel after rinsing to avoid a streaky finish. Vulpex must not be diluted by blending with other soaps or synthetic detergents! Vulpex is a complex blend formulated for optimum performance. Vulpex concentrate should be stored at room temperature. In freezing temperatures, heavier elements in the liquid concentrate tend to separate. If this occurs, be sure to shake or mix thoroughly before dilution as these heavy elements are essential for the optimum performance of Vulpex. There are no specific hazards in handling either the concentrate or the diluted Vulpex solutions. Since Vulpex is a most efficient degreaser, we suggest that you use protective gloves. Odors or fumes from the water solutions of Vulpex, hot or cold, are not known to be harmful, but adequate ventilation should be provided. While Vulpex concentrate has a Flash Point of 123°F, the diluted solutions in water are not considered to be a fire hazard. The solutions of Vulpex in flammable organic solvents must be accorded the same cautions as for the solvent itself.

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